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Mediterranean Paleo Chicken Salad & Champagne Vinaigrette

June 30, 2013

Mediterranean Paleo Chicken Salad

There’s only one way to legitimately have champagne at lunch…

And that’s whisked around in a tangy, flavorful, slightly bubbly, vinaigrette.

…Whisked, fizzing, and melding with sweet white balsamic, bright and sour fresh lemon juice, and herbaceous cilantro and green onions.

Mediterranean Paleo Chicken Salad

Yep, it’s certainly a decadent, plate friendly, way to enjoy the celebration drink- healthily, I might add. Along with a Paleo-flare.

Wrap everything nice and tight (or just plopped on top, like I so lazily did), in a gluten-and-grain-free spinach wrap and call it a day… errr… lunch?

Top it with green? Leave it naked. No one will judge.

Thoughts of changing the name of this dish to Legit Paleo Chicken Salad did crossed my mind. It’s delicious!

Of course, there are other permissible ways to enjoy some bubbly before, during, and/or after lunch, but I’ll let YOU be creative with the rest of the bottle…..

Mediterranean Paleo Chicken Salad

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