Easy Paleo Kabocha Chicken Soup

January 31, 2014

Baby, it’s cold outside. It’s also cold in my fridge, the holding box for all things leftovers, need-to-be-eaten veggies, and (at any given time) a whole chicken skeleton. The best way to create a scrumptious, flavorful, weight-loss-promoting soup, would be to nourish in soup form. Homemade soup is awesome. Why? Quick and easy. Use up leftovers […]

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Combat Circuit: 30 Minutes of Pure Intensity

January 28, 2014

Nate Moore of Combat Circuit A friend of mine asked me to try out this crazy, intense, hard-core 30 minute exercise “class” with her since I was into intense exercise and always want to challenge my body. I gladly accepted this challenge and found out that I might just be in love with 30 minute […]

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Part 2: Recommendations for Athletes: Recovery, Energy, Vibrancy

January 9, 2014

Here are my recommendations on life-changing tools, secret weapons, if you will, for ENERGY & RECOVERY. These are incredible for athletes (awesome, awesome results), but anyone can take these to find and embrace the benefits! PART 1: The Athlete’s Secret Weapon for Energy & Recovery: doTERRA Essential Oils Energy, Recovery, and Vibrancy-Boosting Recommendations + Anti-Inflammatory Superstars: […]

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Part 1: The Athlete’s Secret Weapon for Energy & Recovery: doTERRA Essential Oils

January 8, 2014

wintergreen + camphor + peppermint + blue tansy + blue chamomile + helichrysum + osmanthus = deep blue DEEP BLUE: “the oil of surrendering pain” With an intense training and dieting routine, there’s inevitably a need for supplementation (for some people). However, I’m not one to take over-the-counter supplements, enhancers, or anything NOT whole-food and completely natural. I’ve […]

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(Body) Fat Loss Recipes

January 5, 2014

Steak & Eggs & Clean Avo Salsa After going through a body transformation, achieving significant weight loss and some muscle gain, I’ve had a lot of questions, specifically on what I’m eating. Because I love you all so much, below is exactly what I ate to lose body fat and increase muscle mass. These recipes […]

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Best EVER Seared & Baked Salmon

January 3, 2014

There was a time in my life that I didn’t eat fat. I wouldn’t eat fat. My old motto: Fat makes you fat and there was no way you would put that olive oil on my salad. Never. And then I grew up, read countless nutrition books, and dived into the world of healthy fats. […]

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Bikini Competition Body Transformation Updates, Progress, & Takeaways

December 11, 2013
week 10

Happy December, folks! Time is flying, the holidays are fast approaching, and it seems like everywhere we turn there’s more and more to do. Sound familiar? I’m happy to announce that I reached my goal of my 12-week bikini competition training challenge. I completed 12 FULL weeks (and then some!) of regimented dieting for competition, […]

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Paleo Wild Orange Pumpkin Spice Pancakes with Muscle Egg Liquid Egg Whites

November 22, 2013

A few weeks ago I attended a Bodybuilding/Fitness Competition show to see what it was all about- take notes, see how the competition works, take a look at the bodies on stage. Wow…. the bodies! While I was at the show I passed by some of the vendors and the one with a big PUMPKIN […]

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