Best EVER Seared & Baked Salmon

January 3, 2014

There was a time in my life that I didn’t eat fat. I wouldn’t eat fat. My old motto: Fat makes you fat and there was no way you would put that olive oil on my salad. Never. And then I grew up, read countless nutrition books, and dived into the world of healthy fats. [...]

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Bikini Competition Body Transformation Updates, Progress, & Takeaways

December 11, 2013
week 10

Happy December, folks! Time is flying, the holidays are fast approaching, and it seems like everywhere we turn there’s more and more to do. Sound familiar? I’m happy to announce that I reached my goal of my 12-week bikini competition training challenge. I completed 12 FULL weeks (and then some!) of regimented dieting for competition, [...]

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Paleo Wild Orange Pumpkin Spice Pancakes with Muscle Egg Liquid Egg Whites

November 22, 2013

A few weeks ago I attended a Bodybuilding/Fitness Competition show to see what it was all about- take notes, see how the competition works, take a look at the bodies on stage. Wow…. the bodies! While I was at the show I passed by some of the vendors and the one with a big PUMPKIN [...]

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Chocolate & Wild Orange Green Smoothie

November 17, 2013

For years now I’ve been consuming my fill of green, leafy veggies in the form of a smoothie. Creating green potions are my specialty and with all of the crazy Superfoods in my cupboard, you’d like I would have some SUPERpowers by now. Alas, no superpowers but I can make a mean smoothie. Since starting [...]

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Lori’s Bikini Competition Training Program

November 7, 2013
lori gym2

Before any other reading, I want to note that this program is tailored specifically to me, my body, and the changes I need to make to compete. Please take this into account when reading over this workout routine. Always consult a physician before starting any routine for yourself. Weight training is by far the best [...]

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Despicable Me Minion Cupcakes!

November 2, 2013

Just because I don’t (can’t) eat sugary, buttery, flour-filled items during Halloween doesn’t mean I can’t make them… Behold my MINIONS! The cutest, most well behaved, probably delicious guys I’ve ever seen. So fun to make, SO easy to make! And great to share with co-workers! And to share with you. A [late] Halloween treat [...]

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Bikini Competition Week 4: Progress Photos, Diet Changes, and Workouts

October 27, 2013

Here I am folks at exactly 7 weeks into my training with Ray at Built Tuff Fitness. I love every second of it… now. It definitely feels more routine and much easier than when I started out but I guess that’s the beauty of sticking with something: It has to get easier eventually, right? Well it [...]

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Bikini Competition Week 3: Diet and Before & After Photos

October 25, 2013
3 weeks

It’s hard posting something so intimate and personal but I figure, what the Hell, why not, right?! Here is a photo of day 1 of my Bikini Comp journey, coupled with week a progress photo taken on week 3. 1 Week vs. 3 Weeks With the diet and exercise I’m doing I saw results right [...]

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