Fudgey Paleo Cookies (…but could be brownies)


The Ultimate Fudgey Paleo Cookies were invited out of the pure joy of wanting a decadent cookie, filled with chocolaty goodness, with a bite-sized personality. I knew I wanted moist, I knew I wanted chocolate, and I knew I wanted the healthiest cookie I could make. Turns out, after throwing a few ingredients together, 3 trial baking rounds, and approximately 1 cup of coconut flour later, I created the perfect indulgent baked good.

These delicious little creatures truly resemble brownie bites with their moist centers but with a fluffy cookie shape. Note, one round of the trial baking I made these into actual pan brownies. It worked but they were perfect in the middle but too dry on the outsides. The best way to bake these are in cookie form.

Side note: The pictures of these cookies are pretty bad (not my finest…ug!)- this is what horrible, late-night lighting will do to pictures. Trust me, they taste much better than they look. 😉

For the ultimately best baked product, slightly under-cook. Trust me, they’ll look and almost feel like they need more time in the oven, but they’ll cool a little harder and still maintain their moisty (it’s a word…) brownie properties. :)

These coconut flour, super low carb and low fat cookies are shaped like cookies but they definitely have the texture of a fluffy, yet slightly dense, brownie. They’re super fudgey without the added junk that most brownies keep along for the ride. These brownies are free of baggage, making them the perfect snack or side for breakfast or dessert.

Eat, enjoy, repeat!



I loved these and have been eating a few too many… but they’re healthy so we’re letting this little fact slide.

One great thing about these is that you can “dress” them up with any flavor- hazelnut extract, mint extract, almond extract, etc. would be amazing thrown into the mix!

Happy Friday!

Anyone have a healthy cookie recipe they want to share??? Or better yet, a cookie they want created into Paleo?


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